A fallen superhero

I saw a Hispanic couple walking with me through
a Hindu temple, God had become just a tourist
attraction for me too. I carried a burden of desire,
so heavy, I needed to become a superhero. I
followed my subconscious, which took me to
several places in the Valley, I saw empty plots
of land. I heard a Newar woman shouting
“thief, thief, thief” as I clambered up the outer walls
of her house, I had no intention of stealing.

The steps in the hall sound hollow, the idol is just
a stone, nothing else. The slap of the door as I push
it wider to allow me outside, a tinge of fear for
spiting God. The call of the child near the water-
fountain, it stops me, as it does her mother,
fighting against wrinkles of time. The crowd on the
corner look at me and chase me through the dirt,
a fallen superhero.

I witness a strange world outside the temple:
crumbling artifacts, rotting buildings. I stop by and
watch. People racing towards me. A helicopter
descending. Dust swirling. I touch the cheeks of my
son when I get home, his love reassures the purpose
of my life


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