Our journey

Our journey starts with
a waterfall, which takes you along
in a journey to many places where
I can be with you; there is no
escape other than to travel
together and reach
some place we know
nothing about.

Will it be our final
destination, or just another point in our endless
journey? Sometimes
a speck of dust descends from
the moon, like a sparkling
tin roof, scattering
water in all directions. Sometimes it is
the trees that flutter with
my sighs. The leaves dance and
rustle, as if trying to say something
in a strange language that I don’t

Our journey has been like that,
we don’t understand many things, yet
we have to go on and on,
there is no time to
pause, and understand the things happening
inside us.
If we aspired for
knowledge, to fully understand the
things inside us, then we would have to
stop the time still, and see the
fragments frozen
in time.

They would be a weird shape, and would
take us further away from
the truth. It is better to
move along, and not understand, than to
stay still, frozen in time, trying
to make out the things that have no meaning.
Without the slow
ticking of time, there would be no
you and me.
Things get their
full shape only in the
dimension of time, and we
can see them, although we don’t
fully understand. That’s why the journey counts,
the journey to an unknown destination,
for every journey needs
someone to experience.



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